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About Me

My name is Andie Cozzarelli and I am a semi-professional distance runner for Oiselle, Generation UCAN, Jasyoga, InsideTracker, and the newly founded Raleigh Distance Project. In my last 14 years as a runner I have learned many things along the way, but more than anything I've learned what drives my passion for running. Being an influence and help to others within the running community feeds my journey. This website serves as my outlet to share my experiences, my favorite things, and of course my favorite recipes because the Cozzarelli in me loves food. 

Instagram @run4acozz



Every runner is different. What works for one person may not work for the other. My coaching style centers around that statement. Getting to know my athletes and understanding their lifestyle, goals, history, and everything else in between allows me to focus on creating a plan that works best for each individual athlete. I also believe in developing the whole athlete by instilling confidence and creating purpose. I always say, having a purpose, a motivation, or a goal that is bigger than yourself will allow you to reach farther. I coach everything mile to the marathon - click below for more!

Be Fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire