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Chicken Tostadas With Neomega Infused Avocado Oils

I love tacos. In any form. I also love avocado. In any form. So when I got my hands on Neomega’s Garlic and Chili Infused Avocado Oils, I knew just want I wanted to make. Avocado oil by itself has a neutral light flavor making it a good choice even for baking. It can also withstand high heat meaning it keeps its nutritional value and there is less of a chance for over heating the oil to a point that creates free radicals. The reason I specifically choose Neomega is for the unreal infusions and I love supporting local. Read on for the full recipe!

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Vegetarian Bean Tacos

On my 6th birthday I was spending the day with my Aunt. She told me I could pick a restaurant and pick a present. At the end of the day after weighing all my options thoroughly I ended up choosing Taco Bell and a pair of fuzzy dice. Not entirely sure where my brain was at that point in my life. I mean fuzzy dice? I have no idea why that was my present of choosing but my love of tacos came deep rooted.

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