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Sweet Potato Gnocchi in a Sage Brown Butter Sauce

Having sweet potato gnocchi in a sage brown butter sauce sounds like something that would be reserved for a fancy italian restaurant but it's actually something quite easy to make. Easy and quick so it can be a healthy option on a busy night. Now that Nuovo has made a gluten-free gnocchi available in stores, I don't have to go through the hassle of making it from scratch. Plus using grass-fed butter with the recipe helps me up my intake of healthy fats. This whole meal took me about 10-15 minutes to bring together. The hardest part was just getting the timing right! The gnocchi cooks in seconds and the sauce only needs a matter of minutes. The longest step is probably chopping and preparing the kale salad! Enjoy! 

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Gluten Free Baked Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffles

This recipe is part of the Marinate Community Recipe Challenge so if you like what you see head over to @progressive_nectar on instagram and like my Baked Chicken & Sweet Potato Waffles picture . If I win you can too! Follow for @jacksonshonest and @progressive_nectar for your chance to win.

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