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Jalapeno Lime Salted Dark Chocolate Pie

I absolutely love this time of year. I love when the weather gets cold and I have to bundle up on the couch to binge watch netflix. I love the sound of Christmas music playing on the radio and the lights and decorations lining the streets of downtown. Visiting family and eating all the food. It all just puts me in a good mood. But this time of year is also the time period I spend building my base for the upcoming season. I typically take a break in November or December and then begin prepping my body for the upcoming season. In order to get my body back to where I want it to be I focus on my diet as I build. Prepping for the upcoming season comes during the build, not during the grind of high mileage and intense workouts. With the holidays this is always a little hard so I plan for a little indulgence and I make this, a healthy refined sugar free, dairy free, vegan dark chocolate jalapeno lime salted pie with a Purely Elizabeth walnut date crust. 

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Tamarind Chipotle Lean Turkey Meatballs

The emphasis in fueling for endurance training has typically been focused on carbs. Carbs are the primary fuel source when you are running, biking, or swimming for an extended period of time. They take the least amount of energy to process and your body is good at quickly and efficiently utilizing them to keep you moving. But as more and more research suggests, protein is just as important to the endurance athlete.

I created this recipe to turn a bland boring lean protein source into a flavorful option to help you reach your protein goal! Making sure to include adequate protein at each of your meals will not only make them more satisfying but help you recover faster. With tangy delicious Tamarind sauce from the Apex Food Company these meatballs won't disappoint! 

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