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Lime Coconut Curry with Neomega Avocado Oil

Finally back in the kitchen! After traveling for most of the last 2 months I jumped at the chance to sample some Neomega Avocado Oil at a tasting in downtown Raleigh. Being home I was ready to get back in the kitchen to try some new things so when I heard about the tasting I had to be there. But really all you had to say to me was avocado and I was sold. After running my first marathon in Indy last year I came home wanting only 2 things…a gluten free monster cookie and a bowl of guac. I missed out on the monster cookie but I did have a whole bowl of guacamole to myself...but that’s beside the point, finding avocado oil is just another way for me to get my dose of healthy fats from avocado!

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