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Pistachio Crusted & Tamarind Glazed Salmon with Coconut Rice

I did the InsideTracker Ultimate test the week before resuming training post marathon. I wanted to see where I was and adjust anything as needed. I was excited to see my ferritin levels and my iron group being the best it has ever been and a testosterone to cortisol ratio edging higher and higher indicating that I am balancing training and recovery optimally. The one negative trend I did see was a decreasing vitamin D level. While my number was still in the normal healthy range, I was trending downwards from 76 ng/mL in January to 43 ng/mL in November. To give you a frame of reference, InsideTracker considers my optimal range to be from 40-100 ng/mL so if I kept with this trend I would be below optimal in the coming months. Vitmain D levels tend to drop in the winter months due to lack of sun exposure. Considering my number was trending down and we were entering December I needed to work on getting more Vitamin D into my everyday diet. The easiest and best way, eat more fish! That sparked the creation of this Pistachio Crusted & Tamarind Glazed Salmon featuring the Apex Food Company Zutki Sauce.

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