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Pistachio Crusted & Tamarind Glazed Salmon with Coconut Rice

I did the InsideTracker Ultimate test the week before resuming training post marathon. I wanted to see where I was and adjust anything as needed. I was excited to see my ferritin levels and my iron group being the best it has ever been and a testosterone to cortisol ratio edging higher and higher indicating that I am balancing training and recovery optimally. The one negative trend I did see was a decreasing vitamin D level. While my number was still in the normal healthy range, I was trending downwards from 76 ng/mL in January to 43 ng/mL in November. To give you a frame of reference, InsideTracker considers my optimal range to be from 40-100 ng/mL so if I kept with this trend I would be below optimal in the coming months. Vitmain D levels tend to drop in the winter months due to lack of sun exposure. Considering my number was trending down and we were entering December I needed to work on getting more Vitamin D into my everyday diet. The easiest and best way, eat more fish! That sparked the creation of this Pistachio Crusted & Tamarind Glazed Salmon featuring the Apex Food Company Zutki Sauce.

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Tamarind Chipotle Lean Turkey Meatballs

The emphasis in fueling for endurance training has typically been focused on carbs. Carbs are the primary fuel source when you are running, biking, or swimming for an extended period of time. They take the least amount of energy to process and your body is good at quickly and efficiently utilizing them to keep you moving. But as more and more research suggests, protein is just as important to the endurance athlete.

I created this recipe to turn a bland boring lean protein source into a flavorful option to help you reach your protein goal! Making sure to include adequate protein at each of your meals will not only make them more satisfying but help you recover faster. With tangy delicious Tamarind sauce from the Apex Food Company these meatballs won't disappoint! 

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Stuffed Acorn Squash with Apex Food Company Indian Flavors

When a friend of mine when reached out to be about the Apex Food Company I was excited to get my hands on the goods. A company started in my small adopted hometown with a engaging story of how they got their start was more than enticing. Their emphasis on the health benefits of their products was a refreshing sight. So many store bought sauces are loaded with sugar, preservatives, and several ingredients I cannot even pronounce. That was not the case with any of the products created by the Apex Food Company. This recipe will be the first a line of healthy recipes for runners highlighting the delicious Indian flavors of the Apex Food Company!

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