FRÉ Skincare

FRÉ Skincare

A skincare line designed for women who sweat! This is weird for me to stay as a runner but I hate to sweat. I don’t mind it when I am running but afterwards I feel gross and my skin always breaks out. I run sometimes twice a day plus gym time so it’s inevitable. I started using Detox Me after running and it made a huge difference. I now regularly use the mask followed up by either Revive Me or Glow Me. Revive Me is a daily serum for fighting the damaging effects of exercise and environmental conditions and Glow Me is a tinted moisturizer for all skin types that evens skin tone, moisturizes (without that greasy feeling) and is 15 SPF. But that is not all they offer - Check out the rest of their products and shop with my 15% discount by clicking here or by using my code: RUN4ACOZ at checkout. BONUS: With every skincare set you will buy, FRÉ will plant an Argan tree to help replenish the endangered Argan forest and support women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco. All of this, in combination with their goal of empowering women, are the reasons I support company.

Generation UCAN

A product first created to save the life of a young boy with a severe form of hypoglycemia, UCAN is great for keeping blood sugar levels steady for long lasting energy with no crash. Their Superstarch product is easy on the digestive system can replace energy gels for those that have issues with these in the past. They offer a pre-workout and post-workout option that contains protein to help extend the life of your recovery window. Additionally they offer an all natural electrolyte replacement formula designed by olympic nutritionists and snack bars to keep blood sugar steady during that mid afternoon slump. If you are interested in try a sample pack click here: OR click the logo photo on the left to purchase (special for my followers, friends, and family)! 

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The BEST for athletes! Jasyoga is designed for the purpose of making you a better athlete by making yoga work for you. With quick videos targeting specific areas of the body, this is easy to fit into a busy schedule. There are also longer videos for days when you really just want to settle in and get a good stretch. Filled with practical yoga and meditation skills to help you become more balanced and resilient in your sport. For a one month free trial use code: ANDIERESET