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Training Update

For the first 4 months of this year I was just going through the motions. Following my training, going to the gym, meeting with my strength coach, and getting PT. I was maintaining everything but it all felt stagnant. In February we tried to dive back into normal training and my body couldn't handle it. I couldn't even make easy runs feel easy. For a while I was just desperately looking for answers which affected me mentally. I went to a doctor who made me feel like everything was in my head. In moments of weakness I believed him and felt like this was it. Maybe this is just where I am now. But, between my functional medicine doctor and my primary care doctor we finally figured it out. I used Jasyoga's Work-IN to stay centered and now here I am. With 3 weeks to go to Grandmas, I know I can do this.

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Breaking My Silence

With the start of 2017, came the start of much more. I had come to the decision to do something bold. Something I was scared to do. I was worried what people would think. I was worried about how my coworkers would feel. I had feelings of insecurity not knowing if I was making the right decision putting running higher on my list. I felt impulsive and reluctant to change but I had this feeling in my heart that I had to do it. I had to give myself a chance to succeed. But making big decisions don't come easy. They test you. They through everything at you to see how you will respond and I'm finally here to say that I've made it. 

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Elliptigo: Recovery Made Simple

In the past 3 weeks I have been in a break period from running. Post marathon I didn't run for 10 days in an effort to allow my body to fully recover. I was told more often that not people underestimate how well recovered they are post race and resume training too soon. I wanted to make sure I didn't push that boundary so I choose to take the entire month of November down. Of course a down month does not mean no activity but rather active recovery. In order to maintain some of my fitness without sacrificing my legs I upped my cross-training. Specifically I pushed the strength training and for cardio I ElliptiGO'd

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