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Hall of Fame, Bird Camp, Race. My weekend and how it all ended.

What started as a week marked with stress and a slight mental breakdown ended in a profound way. I had planned to embark on a crazy expedition of driving from Raleigh to Blowing Rock, then back to Apex, then back to Blowing Rock, Blowing Rock to Charlotte, and then flying out to Boston and eventually back to Raleigh, all in 5 days, potentially during a hurricane, and all before a race. This is how it ended...

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Southen Bird Camp Reflection

The very first Regional Bird Camp was even better than expected. Upliiting and rewarding, I will forever treasure my experiences with these 18 women. I shared my story but the stories these women shared with me were the inspiring ones. I have been running competitively for about 10 years but I am constantly learning. The moments I shared with these ladies taught me more about myself and left me eager to compete. This is my recap. 

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