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The Run Struggle is Real

In the last few years I have been struggling to see the potential that I know is within me. I’ve shared my experiences and worked at being better for myself. I’ve expressed my vulnerability and laid it all out. Through it all I have always tried to spin each situation in a positive light. To label it as a learning experience, proclaiming to bounce back in an epic fashion. But what do you do when you don’t bounce back? When you’ve taken the steps to become better and it falls short? When you think you are being your best self but you're feeling worse than you ever have? You put away your pride and reach out for help. (Read the rest on the Oiselle Blog - this is a post from March)

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Hall of Fame, Bird Camp, Race. My weekend and how it all ended.

What started as a week marked with stress and a slight mental breakdown ended in a profound way. I had planned to embark on a crazy expedition of driving from Raleigh to Blowing Rock, then back to Apex, then back to Blowing Rock, Blowing Rock to Charlotte, and then flying out to Boston and eventually back to Raleigh, all in 5 days, potentially during a hurricane, and all before a race. This is how it ended...

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A Day for the History Books

In 2014 I lost someone very special to me but through his presence watching over me I have gained even more. Even though he wasn’t physically present when I turned my running career around, his influence and life showed me what it means to do what you love and pursue it with every ounce of your being. He coached because he loved it. He helped his players because it meant something to him. He didn’t do it for the fame or fortune but because it was his gift to the world and his passion. I like to think that everyone has a special purpose in life and the goal is to find that purpose and live it out. My grandfather did that. And while he was a humble man, he would have loved to be present on this day. A day that will forever be a special day for my family. 

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