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Represent the Run: Let's Keep Talking About Periods

When Steph Bruce posted her blog, Let’s Talk About Periods, I felt compelled to continue to share my story. I have shared about this before but now coming off National Girls and Women in Sports Day, it is time to share more. If there is anything I can do to encourage women and girls in sport, it is to do so in a way that promotes health and longevity. It is time to #RepresentTheRun for our future generations.

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InsideTracker: Pre-Indy V. Pre-Trials

In the months following the marathon trials I found myself chasing a track trials standard in the 10k. I had convinced myself that a couple easy weeks down after the trials would allow me to regain control of my spring season. After all I didn't finish the race and I convinced myself that the only reason it went poorly was because of my chest cold. That wasn't the full story but I was at a vulnerable point and wanted to prove to myself and others that I was still the same runner. At first things were good but after a few weeks my body began feeling like it was sliding backwards. I couldn't keep up in workouts, my legs felt dead, and I was putting on weight. After a disappointing race at the end of April I had to make the tough decision to quit chasing my track Olympic trials dream and listen to my body. I had to hit reset and get myself back on track despite what my heart was feeling. I began assessing what I did wrong, what the warning signs were, and ultimately came to the conclusion that I was overtrained. Once such indicator was my InsideTracker results from just 1-month before the trials. In January when I first reviewed these results with an insideTracker consultant and my sports dietician we rationalized my results. Looking back at them now I know I was in a bad place. So I took a three week break, retested with InsideTracker and the differences were evident.

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Scivation Xtend BCAA's: How and why they work

Before this fall season started I took a month off from training. I only ran 3-5 miles every 2 or 3 days when I felt like it. I upped my strength training a bit to focus on improving my glute and hip strength. I wanted to make a full recovery from my period of overtraining so that I could start fresh. During this period, I also volunteered for a study that looked at the effects of BCAA supplementation on body composition, resting metabolism, and satiety for females between the ages of 18-35. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are essential branched chain amino acids that the human body cannot create on its own and must be ingested. Through this study I was able to take away a few key pieces of information which ultimately put me back on track.

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