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Gerald Cornell aka "Coach" aka my Grandpa. 1922- 2014 RIP

At first I was a little nervous having my first post be on such a sad note but then I realized how perfect this was. My grandpa was my greatest inspiration. He was my hero and I idolized him. He was the person that molded my athletic career and as my running career first began taking off, he was the one I always looked to. He was the strongest man I ever knew. Even at 70 he could do things that even some college athletes couldn't do. In addition he left an impact on so many people's lives. Being at the calling hours and funeral this past weekend I heard stories I had never heard. Stories about the way he helped people and the accomplishments he had along the way. His life was admirable and it was just the life he wanted. He and my grandmother never had much but they gave what they had to help others and I will forever cherish this.

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