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My Story of Oiselle

When I joined the Volee in 2014 I didn’t know how much of an impact it would have on me. Through all of the ups and downs this team has kept me focused on continuing to fight for more both in life and in running. I wouldn’t change the path I took to get where I am for anything. If you are interested in Joining the Volee or learning more about my experience read on!

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A Lesson in Going Out Too Fast

Raleigh Relays. I look forward to it every year. This year I was going into fit and excited. Maybe too excited. I felt the energy in that first mile. But as the adrenaline faded into lactic acid I crashed hard. Being over confident from a lack of confidence, made yesterday’s 5k feel soul crushing. I have to be where I am and based on workouts leading into this race, that’s not a bad place to be. But I tried to outdo that version of me and I under performed. Read on for my full race recap and all the feels I’m feeling now.

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Bad Races Have Their Place

I lined up for the USATF 15k Championships at the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, FL this past weekend. It was my third time racing and I was sure this year would be different than the rest. My previous two experiences were plagued by my insecurities and I left dissatisfied. I was in a different place this year. I felt ready to race. I planned to go out with the leaders and challenge myself mentally and physically by putting myself in the most uncomfortable place I could be. I don’t like to start to fast. I like to be controlled. So I practiced what I am worst at and went for it. It wasn’t my day but days like this have their place in training cycle. Read on for my full Gate River recap.

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