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Represent the Run: Let's Keep Talking About Periods

When Steph Bruce posted her blog, Let’s Talk About Periods, I felt compelled to continue to share my story. I have shared about this before but now coming off National Girls and Women in Sports Day, it is time to share more. If there is anything I can do to encourage women and girls in sport, it is to do so in a way that promotes health and longevity. It is time to #RepresentTheRun for our future generations.

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Recovering from Secondary Amenhorrea. This is My Story.

In writing this post I had a hard time starting. Putting the words down on paper felt awkward and scary. I felt like a fraud. But when I found the courage to post about it a month ago, the response from women dealing with the same thing was bigger than I had expected. Seeing how that post impacted others made me realize that I needed to put myself out there. Hypothalamic Secondary Amenorrhea is more common than most think and that is likely because it is either not discussed or is misunderstood. Runners are wired to think that more is better, but in reality, balance is what runners really need. So here it is, this is my story.

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