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My Prologue 2018

Everybody has a story. It's just up to you how you tell it. I've had my fare share of disappointments in my running career but I haven't let those times define me, I've chosen to help them shape me. Lets just say my stubbornness has forced me to learn the hard way many times. But now I am on a mission to let go of some of the control, have faith in the process, learn to relax, work hard but recover better, and love who I am and what I have got. I read an article by Allie Kiefer a week or so ago and it resonated with me. I've obsessed over food, feeling bad about the fact that I am not as skinny as most runners. I've felt what she felt and it's kept me from reaching my potential. But that stops now. 2018 is my year to shine. Starting with the events of the last month and my plans for the next year, this is #MyProlouge.

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