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Being part of a team. It’s the one consistent element I have had in my life since the age of 4. Whether I was on the soccer field or racing through a cross country course, having a team around me has always made life a little better. From Jr. Striders to Apex High, to NC State, Oiselle, & the Raleigh Distance Project, support has always been a game changer. Support that I think American distance running needs more of. Luckily, Oiselle agrees and the two teams I love are joining forces. Meet the Home Squad: RDP+Oiselle.

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And that's how it all started...

The minutes ticked by but the darkness still remained. An eerie stillness captivated my thoughts as I looked out at the road before me. I wait for the clock to turn over to 5:00AM signalling the start of the run. It was now or never. I slowly ease into the pace, matching my breath with my stride, and I go. For 2 years this was my life, alone, in the darkness, motivated by thoughts of what would come. Then one day I found someone willing to occasionally sacrifice sleep to join me at an hour when we outnumber cars on the road. Over time it went from just the 2 of us, to 3 or 4. I had to do what I had to do, so no matter who could join I was out there. On the days when I ran alone I was just thankful to have them at all. This was what it means to be a team. We did what we had to do and that was that. And as this group grew, and our runs became more regular, I had bigger thoughts. We need a team here. Through the last several years, the Raleigh running community has been a support system to me. It's kept me going. Raleigh has something real and we see that each year as the Sir Walter Miler gets bigger and bigger. As our group runs became more frequent so did our desire to make something of ourselves. So we did it. And that was how it all began...The Raleigh Distance Project.

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