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CIM Countdown with InsideTracker

You can't move forward if you live in the past but you also can't move forward if you don't allow past failures to make you better. I can say through this year, and through the things I have learned this year that patience will get you further than any instantaneous success will ever get you. I wish I had known what I know now in my college years of running but I can't go back. I can only remember what things I did wrong and do the opposite. Yet, I am a chronic go hard or go home style runner. It's a blessing when it comes to getting out the door, but in training it can be a curse. I have been much better about getting enough sleep and relaxation. I have also been much better about running easy in between workouts. But on workout days I tend to push the pace. Luckily, I am thankful to have the resources around me to remind me to be intentional. My biggest resource for reinforcing the fine line between hard work and over work: InsideTracker. I got in and tested with the Ultimate Package and this is how I benefited.

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Recovering from Secondary Amenhorrea. This is My Story.

In writing this post I had a hard time starting. Putting the words down on paper felt awkward and scary. I felt like a fraud. But when I found the courage to post about it a month ago, the response from women dealing with the same thing was bigger than I had expected. Seeing how that post impacted others made me realize that I needed to put myself out there. Hypothalamic Secondary Amenorrhea is more common than most think and that is likely because it is either not discussed or is misunderstood. Runners are wired to think that more is better, but in reality, balance is what runners really need. So here it is, this is my story.

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InsideTracker: Pre-Indy V. Pre-Trials

In the months following the marathon trials I found myself chasing a track trials standard in the 10k. I had convinced myself that a couple easy weeks down after the trials would allow me to regain control of my spring season. After all I didn't finish the race and I convinced myself that the only reason it went poorly was because of my chest cold. That wasn't the full story but I was at a vulnerable point and wanted to prove to myself and others that I was still the same runner. At first things were good but after a few weeks my body began feeling like it was sliding backwards. I couldn't keep up in workouts, my legs felt dead, and I was putting on weight. After a disappointing race at the end of April I had to make the tough decision to quit chasing my track Olympic trials dream and listen to my body. I had to hit reset and get myself back on track despite what my heart was feeling. I began assessing what I did wrong, what the warning signs were, and ultimately came to the conclusion that I was overtrained. Once such indicator was my InsideTracker results from just 1-month before the trials. In January when I first reviewed these results with an insideTracker consultant and my sports dietician we rationalized my results. Looking back at them now I know I was in a bad place. So I took a three week break, retested with InsideTracker and the differences were evident.

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