My Prologue 2018

Everybody has a story. It's just up to you how you tell it. I've had my fare share of disappointments in my running career but I haven't let those times define me, I've chosen to help them shape me. Lets just say my stubbornness has forced me to learn the hard way many times. But now I am on a mission to let go of some of the control, have faith in the process, learn to relax, work hard but recover better, and love who I am and what I have got. I read an article by Allie Kiefer a week or so ago and it resonated with me. I've obsessed over food, feeling bad about the fact that I am not as skinny as most runners. I've felt what she felt and it's kept me from reaching my potential. But that stops now. 2018 is my year to shine. Starting with the events of the last month and my plans for the next year, this is #MyProlouge.

#Flystyle - photo cred: Jason Honeycutt

#Flystyle - photo cred: Jason Honeycutt

Be Brave Get Ugly

No matter how CIM went, my plan all along was to take a long break. Last year was tough because I was trying to heal while training. This lifestyle in itself is taxing both mentally and physically. The long break would give my body a chance to completely reset. After having to be okay with running minutes slower than my PR's, I wanted to make sure 2018 would be my comeback year. 

The month of December consisted of 2 weeks of almost nothing. I went on walks but didn't go to the gym. I didn't do strength work just some easy mobility work. Moral of the story, no running. Period. After those 2 weeks I began running every other day, keeping the pace easy and relaxed and no more than 5 miles. I added in some ElliptiGO biking for some low impact cardio to help me get back into shape without over stressing the body. All of this was perfect. I was less stressed, enjoyed myself, and got plenty of sleep. 

The other piece of the last month, and the piece that is still ongoing is the gut healing. For the first couple of days post race I ate whatever I felt like eating. But on Wednesday post race I had to start the candida diet to finally get rid of some bacterial overgrowth contributing to my ongoing stomach and hormone issues. The short version of this diet, no sugar or yeast. The first 10 days are very limited so being in a training break was necessary. After those first 10 days the options for carbs open up but as I have now learned, still not enough to feel great in training. So while I have resumed training I have been focusing on taking it slow and easy. 

So that brings us to now. Over the last few weeks I have been working on a lot of things but most importantly, I've been writing my prologue for my story of 2018. I knew I wanted my story for 2018 to be a story of redemption. I want to work to regain my confidence and chase after my old PR's. I want to do things right and train smarter. I want my story to also include more. I love running but my story isn't about me. I want my story to have an impact on the world around me. And thus My Prologue was born:

2018 #MyPrologue

In writing this I set the stage for the year to come. It's a process and I am looking forward to embracing each part. I started it out with an InsideTracker blood test to make sure I was starting on a good note (read this article on how InsideTracker can set you up for success and improve your training). I began reading Jasyoga's new book, Work In, to learn to recover better. I also got a new Garmin 935 to help me listen to my body. I have started using headspace for my 10 minutes a day of meditation (I have found this to be the hardest part yet). The Raleigh Distance Project secured some new partnerships and we finished our website. Last but not least, I started working on my coaching page on my site (stay tuned!).

Starting in February I hope to be back in full. Training hard, resting hard, and racing fast. I haven't fully planned my spring season for 2018 but I do know RDP (Raleigh Distance Project) will be going full force at the Cooper River Bridge 10k. Other than that all I know is I'll be returning to the marathon 6/16/2018 at Grandmas Marathon in Duluth, MN. Big thank you to Oiselle & Generation UCAN for continuing to support me through everything. It's time to get back to me and it's time to remind myself that I am a badass.