CIM Fueling Plan with UCAN

Last year in Indy I had some fueling issues. No stomach problems or cramping but I had trouble getting the UCAN out of the bottle I was using. I used new bottles I hadn't practiced with and also had trouble practicing the full plan in practice. Through the entire training cycle I was also not enjoying taking in so much liquid so this year I started getting creative! I came up with some new and different ways to take in UCAN. Read on for this years fueling strategy, some recipes, and a UCAN Cyber Week Deal!

UCAN Fueling

Last year I had planned to have UCAN twice during the race at 2 of the 3 bottle stops. I took 1 packet and mixed it with 8 oz of water and split the mixture between 2 bottles with more in the 1st bottle. I planned it this way because UCAN takes about 30 min to start being metabolized for energy so I figured more earlier was better. Of course, the first bottle, at mile 8ish, was the one I had the issue with. I was able to get the UCAN out of the 2nd bottle but being that the bottle wasn't until around mile 18, I was at a loss. Plus the issues early on stressed me out a bit. I wanted to try to avoid these issues. I also didn't like drinking while running. To minimize that as much as possible, I started thinking of different ways to prepare UCAN. I had heard that you can mix UCAN like a gel by combining a packet with about 2 oz of water and then just placing the mixture in a plastic bag. But I wanted to try something new. So I came up with some UCAN bites. I made these bites with nut butter which works very well with UCAN. UCAN is not only a beneficial carb source, it also helps burn more fat for energy. Mixing UCAN with a little bit of fat and small amount of protein goes a long way! So this is what I came up with:

Using either Cocoa Delite or Cinnamon Delite (plain may way fine as well) 

  • 2 level scoops of UCAN (1 packet is about 1.5 scoops if you don't have a tub)
  • 1 tbsp of nut butter (any kind as long as it doesn't have sugar - agave is or low glycemic is fine but not regular sugar as it will interfere with blood sugar)
  • 2 tbsp of water


  1. Cut the nut butter into the UCAN before adding the water. The mixutre will be somewhat crumbly 
  2. Add water and mix well - use hands at the end (may get a little messy)
  3. Divide into 16 equal sized balls 
  4. Split into 2 servings of 8 balls 

The entire recipe is good for 2-3 hours of energy, so 1 serving of 8 balls is good for 60-90 min of energy. Take about 30-45 min before you think you would need them to keep energy levels steady! I eat an entire recipe about 1 hr or 45 min prior to beginning a workout or race and then again during for a race.

CIM will have elite bottle stops at about every 5k so this is my plan:

  • 5k: Water
  • 10k: UCAN Hydration
  • 15k: Water & UCAN Bites
  • 20k: UCAN hydration
  • 26k: Water & UCAN Bites
  • 32k: UCAN hydration
  • 37k: Water 

I will pack some extra fuel on me in case of emergency. The bites will be placed in a plastic bag and taped to my bottle. When I grab the bottle I will rip off the bag and eat them on the run with a little bit of water. The best part of these bites are that they are easy to take with you. In practice I used a Nathan belt to carry them with me. They are easy to transport and being that having bottles on the course is not possible for everyone, this is a good solution! 

In addition to sharing my fueling strategy I have included a couple of recipes below. Also UCAN is offering a cyber week sale for 25% off all product but if you use my special sales link you can get 30% off! If you click the link the discount will automatically be applied to your cart upon checkout. Enjoy! 

UCAN Cyber Week Sale
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