CIM Countdown with InsideTracker

You can't move forward if you live in the past but you also can't move forward if you don't allow past failures to make you better. I can say through this year, and through the things I have learned this year that patience will get you further than any instantaneous success will ever get you. I wish I had known what I know now in my college years of running but I can't go back. I can only remember what things I did wrong and do the opposite. Yet, I am a chronic go hard or go home style runner. It's a blessing when it comes to getting out the door, but in training it can be a curse. I have been much better about getting enough sleep and relaxation. I have also been much better about running easy in between workouts. But on workout days I tend to push the pace. Luckily, I am thankful to have the resources around me to remind me to be intentional. My biggest resource for reinforcing the fine line between hard work and over work: InsideTracker. I got in and tested with the Ultimate Package and this is how I benefited.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Half Marathon

I tested 3 days after the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Half-Marathon. In the week prior to the race I did 26.2 miles the Wednesday before with 20 miles alternating between 7 min and 6 min pace. It was 75 degrees and 100% humidity. I spent the rest of the day on the couch, only getting up to shower and walk to the fridge. I felt recovered by the following day and by race day felt strong. In the past I would have been mortified to race coming off a training week like that but I felt strong & race ready. But this kind of training can go south quickly if not done intentionally and with a certain level of control. Running easy days too hard would sacrifice my workouts and running my workouts too fast would cause more muscle breakdown than my body could benefit from. So coming off the race was the perfect time to check where my body was physically. I was in the height of marathon training and at a point in which I had time to make changes if I needed to. The biomarkers I took particular notice in were my iron group and cortisol. 

InsideTracker Ferritin

Seeing a dip in ferritin is common during heavy training periods. Knowing this and seeing it happen in my results meant that I needed to be very diligent in taking my iron supplements. I increased my intake of red meat and became very aware of my recovery. This rang true seeing my cortisol elevated. The level had gone down since my last test but the variable was still high. I had figured it would be. I was stressed the morning of the test and my body was probably still coming down from the race weekend. Either way I needed to manage my stress level and continue to get adequate sleep. It is easy to take advantage of your body when you can get by successfully. However, it is also easy for things to change and change quickly. My liver enzymes were also elevated which indicates muscle breakdown. This can be common but also something to be aware of. Overall my results were good. If I could keep up with all of my vitamin supplementation I would stay on track. 

Now a week out from race day I feel ready to go. My last long run workout this past Sunday went almost perfect and my 8x800 workout on Wednesday felt smooth and easy. I couldn't have gotten to this point without the army of support around me so I'm paying it forward! Using code THANKSANDIE at InsideTracker (or follow this link: you can take advantage of their BEST DEAL OF THE YEAR. Every year InsideTracker offers this exclusive deal during Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday so now is the time to get it in! When you aren't seeing the results you want through training alone, knowing what could be going on internally could be the answer.

As I count down the days until CIM I am excited to see what happens. I feel stronger and more confident in my training than I did last year. I may be at the same fitness level as last year but I know I am more resilient. My big goals of low 2:30 are still on my mind but for now a sub 2:37 is where my eyes are set. Dec 3rd I will also be fueled by the memory of my Cousin Scott Shively, who passed away on Nov. 5th. For those of you who follow me, I am sure you are aware of this but with one week to go I am still trying to raise as much money as possible for Brain Cancer Research through the Jimmy V foundation. I plan to race for him and in honor of him with 10% of any race earnings going directly to the Jimmy V Foundation. If you have anything to contribute anything would be appreciated!

No matter what happens on race day, the progress I have made this year will make it all worth it. To get to the line healthy and strong after stopping mid race in my first race of 2017 is enough to be proud of. I have a lot of potential within me and whether or not that shines through on December 3rd, it is there and will be there when I am ready for it. Let the taper countdown begin!