Petite Girls Guide to Oiselle

I am 5'0" and range from 100-110 lbs depending on the season and time of day. Before the days of dry-fit, fitted womens shirts, my running attire consisted of the short and wide youth extra large cotton t-shirts, tights scrunched up around the ankles, and sweatshirts and jackets with flopping sleeves and waistbands hitting just below the butt. It was great for sneaking food into the theater but not so much for running...or going out in public really. 

Luckily, Oiselle being a dedicated women's company founded on the need for shorts that looked good on anyone, I can not only run in #flystle but dress for everyday in my favorite Oiselle threads. As a small company, making styles that fit every body type can be challenging. Despite their large presence in the world of social media, they are still working on growing and expanding their reach. Creating petite and tall length tights is a tall order for a small company but they did it anyway. The average woman is 5'4" so as you can imagine, they will sell far less of the petite and tall lengths but invest just as much to produce them. This season they debut their first pairs of tall and petite tights and I can't express enough how much I love them! Not only are they the perfect length but they are lightly lined with fleece and made from silky plya compression fabric that does away with your insecurities of the sheer tight. To add function to style, they are trimmed out with a reflective strips to make sure you stand out running on a cold winter morning or evening. 

Tights, shorts, & knickers on sale through Today, Dec. 4th using code BOOMBOOM

Tights, shorts, & knickers on sale through Today, Dec. 4th using code BOOMBOOM

Beyond their petite length tights I have found several items that can comfortably accommodate my petite frame. Below are some of the items from this season's line that I suggest for those with short torsos and legs like mine. I personally wear an xs/2 in everything but the sportsbras where I buy a 4. I haven't tried everything but of what I have tried these are my favorites!

Long-Sleeve Shirts

Muscle Long Sleeve


  • Runwear Pullover
  • Quill Jacket (Love this! This jacket is light but warm, fitted and wind resistant. I can wear this anytime and would run in this on really cold days)
  • Vim Jacket (great for rainy or windy days)
  • Quilted Bomber Jacket (I have last years version and I wear it to work and just about everywhere)
  • Aero Jacket (this is the jacket I like to use when warming up for races)



Fancy Stride Shorts 

Fancy Stride Shorts 

Of course now in the winter months I would also recommend checking out some of the winter weather accessories. My shortness doesn't really have an affect on these items so really this applies to anyone. I love the new cashmere scarf as well as the wazzie wool gaiter, power stretch mittens and earband, the lux arm warmers, and the flock beanie.